Moisturizing Day: 50 ml


Moisturizing Day – 50 ml

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Moisturizing Day Cream is a moisturizer ideally suited for dry, mature and dehydrated skin. Benefits:
  • Beneficial for the delay in signs of aging
  • Beneficial for cell rejuvenation and suppleness
  • Helps protect against dehydration and pollution
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Cleanse you face gently
  • Dry gently
  • Lightly apply toner to the skin
  • Apply Super/Bitter Aloe Gel to moist skin
  • Apply Moisturizing Day Cream gently with the ring finger and lightly smooth over moist skin
Advice: The fine lines that develop due to a lack of moisture can be repaired. Moisturizers delay the aging process by keeping the moisture locked in the skin.

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